When I have found out that all! big name carbon frame or wheel "producers" "manufacture" in China or Taiwan (except maybe their very few types) , I was a litle pissed off. Each one of them states that they hand made it in Itali, or hand made them in the USA.. Yes, sure! The painting is made in Italy, so that they can call it by EU ruling Italian made or German made. Sad, is not it?

Why do I find this annoying?

Because they try to apply a 700-800 % profit rate!!  That is why it is pissing us off dear big name "manufacturers"! And because they preach about high engineering and innovation costs..

Dear big names...! This is not rocket science any longer. You do not have to re-engineer every frame every year, you are usually making smaller alterations, but as long as the Toray carbon fibre is there for stiffness and you aply tryangles in the structure of the frame there won't be big problem my friends...

So in the last 10-15 years the very clever and hard-working Chinies aquired the knowledge and now the big names are starting to feel the pressure. Fortunately. Some snobs are stillbuying ther big name and same quality carbon frames or wheels, but there will be less and less applicant in the coming years.

Carbon frame quality and testing in China

 We recommend this video about Chinies carbon wheel manufacturing and testing. As you can see these hard-working workers are not any worse than their  European or American colleges...  

Every big brand "manufactures in Taiwan or China

Giant: http://www.canadiancyclist.com/races12/taiwan/parttwo/index.htm

Useful article about the topic: http://inrng.com/2012/02/who-made-your-bike/